About Us

The college provides secondary level teacher training program (B.Ed.). It aims to produce quality teachers to form a learning society because quality teachers simply quality education and quality education determines quality of life of people in a society. Our college is committed to provide high quality, innovative education and training in teacher education. We are on the way to be recognized as the center of excellence in teacher education.

B.P.Azad College of Education with its exceptional infrastructure and competent faculties will contribute constructively towards preparing professionally efficient teachers worthy to learn, earn and serve the society. It is an honest effort for imparting teacher education in  Bihar . To play a decisive role as a teacher in an emerging India, our teacher trainees will be strong enough to face the challenges. Above all, we initiate the teacher trainees to be skillful, competent, responsive and innovative. Our procedure, systems, pedagogy, faculty and infrastructure are totally geared towards helping the trainees so that they can achieve their goals of becoming an ideal teacher.


  • The aim & objects for whic the trust is created and for which the trust fund may be utilized are as follow: 1. to render services in the field of education to children and youths, irrespective of the caste, creed, race, religious language or social status. 2. To open establish, manage, control & run general, technical, vocational & medical educational institutions such sa Medical College,Law College, Teacher's training College, Business Administration College & Computer Application College including schools from nursery to higher secondary standard Engineering College & other associated institutions through out the state of Bihar & Jharkhand. 3.To engage Teachers/Professors,scholars & educational lists of high proficiency to impact efficient education & vocation to students. 4. To establish maintain & run boarding houses, residential, educational institutions & hostels for the students & person connected with educational institutions. 5. To organize & conduct Libraries, reading room etc. for the students of all disciplines.
  • Vision:- Personality development of students through proper integration of 3 H’s - Head, Hand and Heart. Mission:- To educate untrained graduate youths of the region and qualify them to seek employment and to promote human resource which could be safely entrusted with the responsibility of teaching the students in the light of cultural, religious and linguistic heritage of tribal community of Jharkhand, so that they may be able to discharge their national obligation, making India a glorious nation.