The programme is essentially a combination of theory and practical courses to develop knowledge , skills and attitude in practicing teachers and fresher illustration and cases of relevant situations and activities comprises the core of each paper. The core subject is suitably supported by theoretical aspects as well as practical concerns of teaching. Thus, the programme consists often papers of 100 marks each. Out of ten, there shall be seven theoretical papers and three papers are concerned with the practical aspects of teaching learning process. Suggested syllabus may be modified whenever required  in the light of the syllabus prescribed by NCTE.

SN PAPER               COURSE CONTENT           MARKS        
1  Paper I  Education and Society 80+20
2 Paper  II Educational Measurement and Evaluation 80+20
3 Paper  III Educational Psychology, Personality and Creative Skill Development 80+20
4 Paper  IV Application of computer in Education and Development of communication skill 80+20
5 Paper  V Women Education 80+20
6 Paper  VI School Organization, Administration and Supervision 80+20
7 Paper  VII Select any two of the following methods of Teaching

Teaching of Social Studies        Teaching of Science

Teaching of Math                     Teaching of English

Teaching of Hindi                     Teaching of Urdu Urdu

8 Paper  VIII Practice Teaching  (75 Marks )  Performance in Co-curricular activities  (25 Marks) 40+10
9 Paper  IX Craft work and extra Mural activities 50+50
10 Paper  X Sectionals work on each of the two practical teaching subjects 100